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MonaLisa Touch is a completely non-hormonal and non-surgical office treatment that returns the vaginal tissue to a more youthful and healthy state.

Essentially this treatment is a fractional CO2 laser treatment that was specially designed for the vaginal area. It helps to resolve estrogen drops and re-activates the production of new collagen essentially restoring the vaginal mucosa’s state. 

The MonaLisa Touch® has become the most effective non-surgical and non-pharmacological solution for preventing and treating vaginal atrophy. It does this without side effects or pain. 

How Does The MonaLisa Touch® Work?

The CO2 laser gently acts on the vaginal walls through a special scanner. The scanner creates tiny micro lesions in the walls which actually stimulates collagen production. It also reorganizes and brings a balance to the vaginal mucosa. 

The entire action of the laser is safe, painless. It works to restore the proper function and stability of the vagina. This helps to improve symptoms associated with pelvic and vaginal aging such as urinary dysfunction. 

It’s been shown that significant improvements can be seen even after the first treatment.

What Does It Help With?

Because MonaLisa Touch helps to restore collagen and elastin loss and is hormone-free, it can help to do the following for women:

  • restore normal vaginal moisture and lubrication (to eliminate painful sex)
  • relieves vaginal burning, itching, and pain
  • improves the elasticity of the vagina and tightening
  • improves mild to moderate urinary incontinence
  • relieves urgency, frequency, and recurrent urinary tract infections
  • reestablishes the correct vaginal pH (reduces the risk of infection).

What is the Treatment Like?

You would get an exam/assessment before your treatment. The MonaLisa Touch is a series of treatments, each taking 5-10 minutes and spaced a few weeks apart. No anesthesia is needed, as it is non-surgical. 

One treatment lasts minutes. The laser works extremely fast, effectively and there is no pain felt. 

Patients have had no side effects or the need for recovery or downtime. Symptom relief usually is seen 1-2 weeks after the first treatment and continues to improve. 

MonaLisa Touch® Treatments Available in Arcadia, CA

If you are struggling with your vaginal health and would like to discuss restoring its balance, perhaps this treatment is for you. 

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