What is Holistic Gynecology?

Much like standard gynecology, holistic gynecology is a practice that treats conditions and illnesses specific to women, with an emphasis on the reproductive system. Holistic gynecology differs from standard gynecology due to Dr. Kothandaraman’s integrative approach to treatment, including a comprehensive assessment of your overall physical health and mental wellbeing and how those can be addressed through information obtained during your visit.

What is Integrative Care?

Integrative care merges holistic, functional medicine and healing principles with the traditional expertise of Dr. Kothandaraman. Together, you can identify areas of your health that could use improvement and that are unique to your needs. After these parameters have been defined, Dr. Kothandaraman will create a treatment plan based on natural, non-invasive procedures.

Holistic Gynecology can be thought of as a more comprehensive form of therapy, opting to treat the patient as a whole, instead of narrowing the focus to the disease only. Throughout the process, you and Dr. Kothandaraman will work together to achieve a healthier mind, body, and spirit, with the goal of preventing illness from occurring and managing existing conditions.

What is Included in Holistic Gynecology?

Dr. Kothandaraman recommends several services that target fundamental areas of your life that can influence your gynecological health:


Maintaining a healthy diet full of the vitamins and nutrients you need is especially crucial during pregnancy. For example, it’s recommended that you receive 400 micrograms of folic acid daily to prevent major congenital disabilities.


There is a range of vitamins and mineral supplements that can help prevent symptoms associated with menopause. Supplements can also help fill in dietary gaps during pregnancy, ensuring that expecting mothers are healthy, along with their baby.

Life Coaching

Postpartum depression and menopause can cause women to fall into mentally and physically vulnerable states that can damage their health. Dr. Kothandaraman can help you make positive changes that steer you toward a healthier state of being.

Health Coaching

Simple changes to your diet or exercise routine under the supervision of Dr. Kothandaraman are enough to improve your gynecological health. With her expert guidance and recommendations, you can improve your overall health, improve longevity and reduce the risk of chronic diseases!

Gynecologic Conditions Treated:

  1. Excessive bleeding and other Menstrual Disorders
  2. Menopause
  3. Infertility
  4. Urinary Tract Infection
  5. Sexual disfunction
  6. Pelvic floor prolapse
  7. Uterine fibroids
  8. Endometriosis
  9. Vaginal discharge
  10. Urinary Incontinence
  11. Cervical Dysplasia
  12. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Gynecological Procedures:

For gynecological conditions from heavy menstrual bleeding to endometrial cancer, we offer minimally invasive procedures and screenings to help you continue to achieve excellence in health at every stage. Depending on the condition, and the specific needs of a patient, many of our gynecological procedures can be performed in our luxurious office setting, allowing patients to heal at home and return to normal activity quickly. For more advanced procedures, such as a hysterectomy, we offer several surgical options, allowing patients to receive treatment that has been individualized to their needs.

Our Common Gynecological Procedures Include:

  1. Colposcopy
  2. Endometrial Ablation
  3. Essure Tubal Sterilization
  4. Hysterectomy
  5. Hysteroscopy
  6. Laparoscopy
  7. LEEP
  8. Myomectomy
  9. Treatment of Pelvic Floor Prolapse
  10. Urinary Incontinence Treatment
  11. Well Woman Exam – Yearly gynecological exam to ensure your continued wellbeing

Preventative Care

Health is not just the absence of disease or symptoms, it is a multidisciplinary approach to treat patients with a wide range of conditions, as well as lifelong care to preserve good health. From adolescence to menopause, our expert physicians implement the latest preventative screenings to catch conditions early and minimally invasive techniques to treat them effectively.

We offer individualized services for the following life stages in every woman:

  1. Adolescent
  2. Birth Control
  3. Female Sexual Development
  4. First Gynecological Exam and Health Maintenance
  5. HPV Immunization
  6. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  7. Adult Women’s Care
  8. Birth Control
  9. Breast Cancer Screening
  10. Cardiovascular Risk Screening
  11. Cervical Cancer Prevention/Pap Smear Screening
  12. Genetic Screening
  13. Health Status Evaluation
  14. Preconception Care
  15. Urinary Incontinence
  16. Peri/Post Menopause
  17. Colorectal Cancer Screening
  18. Osteoporosis Screening
  19. Sexuality Concerns
  20. Hormone Replacement Therapy
  21. Uterine Cancer Detection
  22. Pelvic floor wellness

Holistic Gynecology Services located in Arcadia, CA

Holistic health care and medicine are growing in popularity in the United States, with nearly a third of Americans turning to alternative and natural treatments in addition to traditional medical care. Dr.Prema Kothandaraman extends this integrative health approach to gynecology offering a wide range of treatment options designed to improve your gynecological health.

If you want a more natural, holistic approach to your gynecological health, call the caring team at The OB-Gyn and Incontinence Center in Arcadia, California, to schedule your consultation, or book online.


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