5 Benefits Of Having A Pregnancy Doctor

pregnant woman

Pregnancy may seem simple on the surface, but there are so many complexities and important factors that must be considered to ensure the optimal health of the mother and child alike. Having a doctor observe your progress and monitor your health throughout pregnancy is profoundly beneficial, especially for the early detection and correction of complications as well as professional advice you can trust! Pregnancy doctors, otherwise known as OB-GYN, or obstetrics and gynecology, specializing in pregnancy and female reproductive health.

At PurnaSTRI Women’s Health Excellence our team of registered OBGYN specialists offers professional pregnancy support services to help mothers navigate the complex process of pregnancy. It cant be understated how resourceful it can be to have a knowledgeable professional on your side to help take on any challenges or obstacles that arise during pregnancy. We have compiled a list of things you can expect while under the care of Dr. Kothandaraman and her team.

How Pregnancy Doctors can Help

Personalized Care

One of the biggest benefits of a dedicated pregnancy doctor is the unique and personalized care that you receive throughout the process. We are with you the entire way, from beginning to end! We want you to feel comfortable with our team, building a relationship that you can trust. In doing so, we learn about your preferences and what the best ways are to ensure your needs are met! 

Routine and High-risk pregnancy

Our team has experience handling pregnancies of all difficulties and complexities. We have seen everything from routine, healthy and efficient pregnancies, while also having managed complex and risky pregnancies. 

What this means for you, is that we have the experience needed to handle any surprises or complications brought on by your pregnancy. Should things take a turn for the worse, we are right there with you, helping the entire way! 

Vitamin Therapy

The health of the mother directly influences the health of the baby. What happens during pregnancy, is that the mother’s body will sacrifice its own reserves to provide for the child. This can leave mothers deficient in a variety of essential vitamins and nutrients. 

A pregnancy doctor can ensure that you are getting enough Vitamin-D and other prenatal vitamins, keeping you at optimal health.

Smooth Delivery Process 

One of the biggest areas of concern and anxiety for expecting mothers is how will things happen on the delivery day! Rightfully so! This can be a very challenging day to navigate on your own. 

The team of professionals at PurnaSTRI has a plan for our patients, making your delivery experience at the most prestigious Huntington memorial Hospital as smooth as possible. We handle the details while you focus on remaining calm and delivering a healthy baby. 

Available Naturopathy & Integrated Medicine Care 

We understand that everyone has personal preferences when it comes to health, personal care, and medicine. That’s why at PurnaSTRI, we are happy to incorporate methods that align with your personal preferences for care, including naturopathic options and integrative medicinal care! 

Looking for a Pregnancy Doctor in Arcadia, CA?

If you are looking for more information about our pregnancy program details or would like to speak with a representative from our team, call or schedule an appointment online today! Pregnancy can be a challenging experience, let the team at PurnaSTRI help make it a rewarding and memorable one!

Written by Invigo